Disabled Toilet Alarm System Installation

Disabled Toilet Alarm System Installation
Disabled Toilet Alarm System InstallationThe Disabled Toilet Alarm System Installation at the entrance and on the inside of the toilet. For the physically challenged to automatically open and close the door. With safety in mind, it has an override function on the outside, the open and close buttons have braille under them and a voice system. Disabled Toilet Alarm System Installation by Dubai Repairs Disabled Toilet Alarm System Installation. Includes everything needs for a provision compliant emergency help alarm
  • The attractive compact design also blends perfectly into any sort of décor
  • Double gang call controller features a volt-free relay output, a rotary volume control, Braille text and on-board, rechargeable battery backup
  • Reset point Alarm provides a multimedia indication of an alarm alert inside the WC to reassure users help
  • Simple to install the 12V system – four core stranded security cable is ideal for most installations
  • Ceiling pull function by open two sided three corner bangles for calm of use by the ailing.
  • Disabled WC sticker included in all kits
  • All wall-mounting plastic accessories fit 25mm backboxes.
  • Ceiling pull is also surface mountable
  • The rechargeable backup battery provides up to 24 hrs standby and 15 mins alarm running time
  • Used to help managers and maintenance service providers obey with Equality / Disability Discrimination Act

Disabled Toilet Alarm System Installation by Professionals

Disabled Toilet Alarm System InstallationAfter the switch has been started, the toilet door opens and shut off automatically upon an error of a fixed hold-open time. Performing the transition button indoors the toilet area, the user triggers the sign ‘Engage’ outside the compartment as well as the control lamp at the changeover switch. Together, the internal and external switched off. So,  the door can not be opened by another person or by the user himself by accident. To leave latrine the user again acts as the transition switch, the sign ‘Vacant’ outside the cell will appear illuminated. So, by operating the internal pad switch open button, the door will directly open. In that case of a power defect, the user can easily open the door by himself manually just by pushing or pulling it open. In an emergency, the door can also be manually opened from outside using a key.

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Wide Range of Services

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