Electric Power Cut Safety Tips

Electricians Dubai provides the wide range of professional electrician those give you Electric power cut safety tips. Our qualified electricians are trained to examine and diagnose the electrical faults in your residence or office. They provide all the solution Electric power cut safety tips under one roof for a professional electrician. Our professional electricians can repair electrical faults, replace the damaged or non-working parts and flow the safe electric current.

Electric Power Cut Safety Tips:

Electric power cut safety tips can lead to other emergencies such as accidents at indoor and outdoor. Electric power cut safety tips – slipping in the dark – Fire emergencies due to candle – Shortage of water supplies – Shortage of food supplies – Stale food – Exposures in generators – Shortage of fuel – Non-functioning electrical stoves – No connection to the internet – No battery of the mobile phone, laptops, iPhones or iPads – Fluctuations of voltages – No connection from media and outside world

In case of electric power cut in public places:

– panic creating in crowded places – Theft or robbery – Public law violations – Traffic jams – Damage to transportation infrastructure – stuck in public places such as shopping malls, lifts or elevators – Emergency in hospitals

Electric power cut safety tips Before the electric power cut:

– Built and stock your emergency kit for electric power cut which includes flashlights, batteries, first aid supplies and money – You can restock alternative methods for charging mobile phones and other devices that run with power – Charge mobiles and other batteries – Check levels of electric door locks, garage doors and locate it – Keep the fuel and gas for cars and generators in the spare tanks – Some food in canned packaging to have a proper food supply – Keep the drinking water supply for the emergency situation because power cut can lead to water cut as well

During the electric power cut:

Electric power cut safety tips – Try to use flashlights in case of emergency; do not use candles as it can cause fires – Keep the doors of refrigerators and freezers closed, it can last the food to be freeze for 48 hours – Try to maintain a cool temperature inside the house with the help of emergency or battery fans. – Relocate in air-conditioned places such as shopping mall, cars or cinemas until electric power cut can fully repair – Try to keep hydrated as much as possible, drink liquids and water even if you do not feel thirsty – Wear light weighted and light-colored clothes – Never use charcoal for indoor cooking or heating as it can cause the fire – Never use ovens for the source of heating inside the house, if it is cold inside – Unplug the electric devices to prevent damages from irregular voltage – Use generators, UPS or inverts for electric supply. Always use it under adult supervision and with precautions – Always run generators outside the house to prevent any fire emergencies – Use power banks for charging mobiles

After electric power cut:

– Do not use food which was exposed to the temperature and heat. In the case of stale food, throw it away. – If food placed in freezers and refrigerator is still cool re-refrigerate it. – Restock emergency kit with new batteries, canned foods, and other useful supplies. – Restock fuel tanks.

Electric power cut safety tips in outdoors:

– Try to reach a safe place in outdoors. – Stand in an open and ventilated area to prevent suffocation. – Try to lock out the doors or car doors for safety from burglary. – Keep safety aid with you in outdoors such as pepper spray, licensed firearms, or pocket knife. – Try to follow-ups of traffic flow from local radio stations

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Wide Range of Services

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