Exhaust Fan Installation

Exhaust Fan Installation

Exhaust Fan Installation

The humble exhaust fan doesn’t usually get the attention it deserves. Exhaust fans can make the rooms they’re installed in a lot more pleasant, comfortable, and healthy. The fans provide necessary ventilation to areas of the home that have none, or where additional spot ventilation is needed. If you don’t have an exhaust fan in the overly humid or odorous parts of your home (like the kitchen and bathroom), or if your existing fans aren’t getting the job done, call Electrician Dubai. You’ll get professional Exhaust Fan Installation service or any other service including home electrical inspection from licensed electricians.

Exhaust Fan Installation

Why Do I Need Exhaust Fans?

Proper venting is important to a home’s indoor air quality and to protect it against mold and mildew.

Exhaust fans:

  • Improve your indoor air quality and enhance your family’s comfort. Your new exhaust fans will remove cooking smells, smoke, and gas fumes and vent away excess humidity from baths and showers, leading to less mold and mildew pack up .
  • Improve cleaning of air by doing ventilation of airborne grease, and cooking particles out of your kitchen.
  • Making odor control easier with quick ventilation of offensive fumes.
  • Prevent damage to walls, wallpaper, paint, wood floors, and furniture, all of which can be damaged by excess moisture in the air.

Where to Install an Exhaust Fan?

Here’s where we recommend having exhaust fans installed:

  • Bathrooms

Eliminates foggy mirrors, and excess heat, and inhibits mold growth.

Dissipates cooking smells, grease, smoke, natural gas fumes, and heat (requiring less air conditioning).

  • Garages

Clears out unhygienic, hazardous fumes from car exhaust, power lawnmowers, and stored gasoline, tires, and chemicals.

  • Attics

Prevents your attic from becoming stuffy and too warm. It also protects items stored there from getting moldy and prevents wood rot on floors and furniture.

Why Get Professional Exhaust Fan Installation Service from Electrician Dubai?

A proper fan installation is crucial for safety reasons. Electrical wiring and proper venting require the skills of a professional electrician. Did you recognize that exhaust fans must be vented to the outside to work properly? Unfortunately, many fans are incorrectly vented to the attic or nearby crawl space.

Exhaust Fan Installation

If your fans aren’t clearing out moisture and odors like they’re supposed to, improper installation may be the problem. When not vented to the outdoors, exhaust fans send the excess airborne moisture and fumes to another area of the home, which causes mold growth and lowers air quality. And failing to seal the vent pipe correctly can lead to water damage to your roof or wall. Or you may have a bigger or more powerful fan replacement. A licensed electrician from Electrician Dubai can guide you to the right product for your needs and do the job right, the first time.

Get Proper Ventilation by Reliable Electrical Service

If your current fans are too small, underpowered, or improperly vented, we will install the proper fan to solve your home ventilation problems. When Electrician Dubai adds or replaces an exhaust fan, you may want to take the opportunity to upgrade to a multi-functional fan. Many modern fans on the market also include a fixture and/or heating unit. If you have a bathroom (especially one with no window) or kitchen without an exhaust fan, you’ll really notice the difference after your Electrician Dubai professional installs your fans.

Exhaust Fan Installation

If you’re lacking exhaust fans or yours are in disrepair, contact Electrician Dubai. We’re right in your neighborhood and we also provide a home electrical inspection with your appointment. Call today at 0581873002 or schedule an appointment online.

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