How to Save Electricity?

How to save electricity

By the passage of time electricity is becoming expensive as oil and power sources are constantly consumed by the high population of the world. That is why How to save electricity? is more important nowadays. Electricity can be saved by many methods; it is not about changing the method but a lifestyle to permanently save electricity. Each person has to play its part in saving electricity. Following are some steps you How to save electricity?

How to Save Electricity?

How to save electricity

–  Turn off unnecessary lights, bulbs and electronics items.

– Try to use natural lights as often as possible. Do fold curtains, blinds and open windows in the daytime to consume natural light during daytime.

– Try to use task lights and turn off ceiling lights. This will help to consume less electricity because task lights usually consume LED bulbs.

– Take short showers as well as try not to use bathtubs while taking baths. Bathtubs consume a lot of water as compared to showers.

– Turn off the water while washing hands, brushing teeth and shaving etc. it will not only save water but also save electricity.

– Fix the leaking taps and spots at your home to save electricity and water.

– Try to keep thermostats of your water heater low and adjust according to the requirement.

– Try to unplug your unused electronics, this will help you save 10% of an average annual electric bill.

– Use laptops instead of desktop computers, laptops are more power efficient than desktop computers.

– Replace old TVs with new LCDs. LCDs are more electricity efficient than TVs.

– Try to manage your thermostats of the electric heater and air conditioners while using it.

– Try to open windows and ventilate the house or office through windows as much as possible. It will help the less consumption of fans, air conditioners, and lights.

– Try to reduce heat in the kitchen and cook simple salads, barbecue or smoothies. Long recipes and cooking hours consume more electricity in electric stoves, electric chimneys, exhaust fans, lights, juicer and blenders and electric oven.

Steps to Do

– Run a full load of clothes in washing machines. That will help you save hot water, electricity as well as consume less detergent.

– Try to wash clothes in cold water because to water consumes a lot of electricity.

– Hang your washed clothes and let it dry by itself.

– Keep your freezers and refrigerators in a cool place, it will help to control its thermostat and consume less electricity.

– Unplug your second refrigerator.

– Try to skip the dry heat setting of the dishwasher and let the dishes dry by itself of cotton cloth.

– Use the microwave instead of the electric oven. The microwave oven does the job in 15 minutes which will take 1 hour in the electric oven. It is time and electricity efficient option.

– Insulate the ceilings of the rooms and offices. This will help to cool the room in less time and How to save electricity? of fans and air conditions.

– Use LED lights instead of lights and bulbs, the LEDs are electricity and saves a lot of money on average annual bills.

– Install solar water heaters to heat water instead of electricity.

– Try to replace low voltage bulbs with high voltage ones to consume fewer lights.

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