Electrician Dubai Chandelier Lights Installation:

Electrician Dubai is providing Chandelier Lights Installation Services in Dubai. We Electrician Dubai also offer all Handyman services across Dubai. We have an experienced and licensed holder electrician. They can resolve all your electrical issues and Chandelier Lights Installation Service your home in a very efficient and professional way. Spending lots of money on lights to decorate your home is good when it comes to electricians so never take a chance to call unprofessional electricians because they don’t know how to fix lights and they can make a short circuit in your home. So, better to call professional and experienced electricians who know all electrical issues and how to install any kind of Chandelier Lights Installation Service. We Electrician Dubai knew it and that is why we did not compromise on professionalism. We are having more than 15 years of experienced and reliable Electricians and handymen who know exactly how to work properly in a professional manner and on time.

Chandelier Lights Installation

ELECTRICIAN DUBAI’s Chandelier Lights Installation service is a top choice for those seeking a professional and reliable installation of their chandelier lights. Our team of expert electricians are equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle any type of lighting installation with precision and care. From the initial consultation to the final installation, we take pride in ensuring that your chandelier lights are installed to the highest standard. We understand the importance of lighting in creating the desired ambiance and atmosphere in your home or business, which is why we take great care in ensuring that your chandelier lights are installed with the utmost attention to detail. With ELECTRICIAN DUBAI, you can trust that your chandelier lights will be installed safely, efficiently, and of the highest quality.

Chandelier Lights Installation:

Electrician Dubai specializes in Chandelier Lights Installation Services and can help you with practical and aesthetic projects for your home. Indoor Chandelier Lights Installation is a key part of interior design and can make a house truly feel like a home. It can also be an intrinsic component of landscaping. However, lighting represents a major component of energy consumption, accounting for a significant part of all energy consumed worldwide. Therefore, proper residential and commercial Chandelier Lights Installation Services can save you money and conserve natural resources at the same time.

Chandelier Lights Installation


Replacing an old chandelier light fixture with a new chandelier can really improve the look of a room. Adding a dimmer switch to it will allow you to control the level of lighting. Neither project is that difficult as long as you take the proper safety precautions and have a little basic knowledge about wiring.

Tools for use:

. Stepladder
. Screwdriver
. Insulated lineman’s pliers
. Wire stripper
. Voltage tester

How to Chandelier Lights Installation:

Our experienced and reliable staff of electrical are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We provide Chandelier Lights Installation services in all of Dubai.

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Turn Off Power:

Start by turning on the light fixture and flipping off the circuit breaker that controls it to turn off the power. As a precaution, put a piece of tape over the breaker to keep it from accidentally being turned back on while you’re working on it.

Remove Old Light Chandelier:

With the power turned off, loosen the screws that hold the globe to the old light fixture and remove it. Unscrew the light bulbs in the fixture and set them aside.

Remove the Base of the Old Fixture:

Remove the screws that secure the light fixture to the electrical box. Unscrew the wire nuts that attach the wires, and use the voltage tester to make sure the power is off. Disconnect the wires and remove the ceiling fixture.

Assemble Chandelier:

Unpack the chandelier and assemble it. Read and follow any instructions regarding assembly and installation.

Determine Hang Distance:

Start by measuring the distance to the ceiling to determine how high the chandelier should hang:

. When installing over a dining table with an 8-foot ceiling, leave 30 inches of clearance between the table and the fixture.
. For taller ceilings, add an additional 3 inches of space for every foot increase in ceiling height.
. When hanging a chandelier in an entry hall or other open space, allow 6-1/2 feet or more between the bottom of the light fixture and the floor.

Mount the Support Plate:

Mount the center support plate and wiring tube to the electrical box. Run the chandelier’s wire up through the hollow tube, into the box, and back down again.

Chandelier Lights Installation

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