How to Reduce DEWA bill

How to Reduce DEWA bill

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) are a public service company which is a merge of Dubai Electricity Company and Dubai Water Company. The main objective of DEWA is to provide people of Dubai a better supply of electricity and water. The How to Reduce DEWA bill? are higher in summers as more water and electricity is consumed in summer days. In winters it stabilizes but in both seasons this bill can be reduced. Can the measures be taken to minimize the How to Reduce DEWA bill? and make it a pocket friend as well as save the environment.

How to Reduce DEWA bill?

How to Reduce DEWA bill

Electricians Dubai also offers a variety of services which help in How to Reduce DEWA bill? and save your money. There are two main components of the How to Reduce DEWA bill?:

• Water bill • Electricity bill

Measures to How to Reduce DEWA bill?

Unplug Unused Electric Appliances:

The electric appliances such as microwaves, TV, air conditioners, Desktop computers etc. must be turned off or plugged out because they are the major part of your electricity bill. So, the unused electric appliances and unattended light compile up your electric bill and annually these are the majority of your bill.

Use Shower Instead of Tubs/Fast showers:

The water mostly consumed and wasted in bathtubs. A three-minute shower will reduce your bill and prevents water and money wasting.

Stop Using Heavy Electric Appliances in Peak Hours:How to Reduce DEWA bill

For using heavy electric appliances such as vacuum cleaner or iron, use them after the peak hours.

Washcloths on Full Loads:

Instead of washing clothes half loads try to wash clothes full loads; it will not only save water but also electricity.

Wash Cars with Buckets:

Do not use water hose and showers to wash your cars, instead, try to use a bucket instead. A wet mop or sponge will work as well to reduce water bill.

Use Air Conditioners on 24 C:

The Air Conditioners, when used on 24 C, consumes less electricity and saves the electricity and money.

Use LED Bulbs:

LED bulbs are used to consume less energy compared to casual lights and bulbs; this will help you save a lot of money.

Install solar panels:

Solar panels help in saving a lot of electricity and makes electricity from the solar energy. This will help to reduce the electricity bill.

Repair water leakage:

Leaking taps, hoses, kitchen sinks, toilets etc. cause increasing water bills. 

Wide Range of Services

Wide Range of Services

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